Traditional Lithuanian Straw Gardens. A Practical Seminar



Join the practical seminar about Lithuanian straw gardens on 2017 November 28th at 18.00!Sodas II. 2007 Aldona Karpavičienė Zarasai

A straw garden is like a small version of the world, the creation of which requires a lot of patience and accuracy. The whole process of creating a straw garden helps to calm one‘s mind, has a meditative character and develops spatial logic.

Due to the harmony that a straw garden holds in itself, this crafts-making branch gets more and more popular nowadays. To learn the art of straw gardens by oneself is quite difficult – the easiest way to do so is by learning from the professionals.


When: 2017 November 28th at 18.00
Where: Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre (address: Pamėnkalnio 34)
Duration of the workshop: 2 hours
Price: 8 € (all the needed materials included)



More information: Marija Liugienė >> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (85) 262 7737 or