Lit up straw gardens: the project „Šventaragio sodai“

The project „Šventaragio sodai“ will light up its ten (straw) gardens on December 13th at 18.00!

Traditional straw garden (Sodas) is one of the most beautiful and significant examples of Lithuanian (and Baltic in general) traditional folk art introducing a modern human being to the ancient worldview system. Sodas has a sacred meaning and is like a small version of the world. Straw gardens were being created for various occasions: wedding, christening and others. People used to hang Sodas in the most important place at home – above the table. Hanging above the table, Sodas was being associated with heaven. Due to the harmony that a straw garden holds in itself, this folk art branch gets more and more popular nowadays.

The project called „Šventaragio sodai“ (The Straw Gardens of Šventaragis, a mythological duke) develops the idea of a traditional straw garden. Ten huge gardens will appear at the very heart of Vilnius: the area around Vilnius Cathedral – Šventaragis Valley and square around King Mindaugas’statue. Every Sodas will be lit up and thus will shine through the whole dark period of the year: from December 13th, 2017, to March 20th, 2018, the March Equinox.

The project „Šventaragio sodai“ translates the connection between ancient cultural tradition and its place in a nowadays life. The project aims to preserve this tradition as a part of Lithuanian identity.

Ten gardens (Sodai) will be officially lit up on December 13th at 18.00. The musical part of the show will be performed by Vytautas Linkevičius, Jonas Tumasonis, Vilius Marma.



Project management: Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre

The idea: Marija Liugienė

Sponsor: Lithuanian Council for Culture

Partner: UAB „Ekspobalta


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