Folk Group

Folk group Jorė was founded in 1988 when the feeling of national identity was very intense making people sincerely interested in their own cultural traditions. In 1991, Jorė was reborn again when new members came who are still active participants of Jorė.

The program of the group includes all types of ritual songs and dances (Advent, Spring and Summer cycles). The most impressive and different each time are the programs of All Saints' Day and Mother's Day. Jorė's repertoire consists of dances and games from all Lithuania's regions. The group also has its own collection of wind instruments: lamzdelis, skudučiai, sekminių rageliai (Whit horns), ožragiai (goat horns), horns, bagpipes, and etc. Traditional choir plays violins, bassettos, cymbals, various types of accordions, drums and other traditional percussion instruments.

Jorė actively performs in Lithuania. Every year, the group participates in the traditional festival Skamba Skamba Kankliai, Baltica, other festivals, television shows and other events. The group has also attended a number of international folklore festivals in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Finland, Holland, France, Germany and etc.


The head of the group: Rūta Aleksiūnienė.

Mob. +370 686 87 181.

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