The exhibition “Sodų sakmės” is off to Kaišiadorys

Siaudinis sodasAfter traveling to smaller Lithuanian towns, the exhibition “Sodų sakmės” settles in the Kaišiadoriai Culture Centre, where it will be exhibited from October 6 to November 11.

“Sodų sakmės” is an exhibition organized by the Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre, representing one of the most beautiful types of Lithuanian folk art – straw gardens, the tradition of which is to be included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
The aim of the organizers of the exhibition is not only to show the beauty, sacredness, diligence and creativity of these works, but at the same time to inspire and encourage more people to make straw gardens. After all, in the recent past, straw gardens used to hang in almost every home: they were made for Christmas, Easter, when expecting a baby, or escorting a daughter into married life.
The exhibition features over 60 straw gardens made by authors from all over Lithuania.