ETHNO Children. Straw horse binding

ASAJ9975As the autumn progresses, we invite children to horse-making workshops, where we will use the gifts of nature collected in the summer - meadow grasses and straw.

This workshop will be led by folk artist Viktorija Bitinaitė-Stankevičienė, who creates sculptures, decorations, and other pieces of work from natural materials. She loves to create things out of plants, as she likes to touch them, to feel the textures, and to see the variety of colors. She will teach children how to bind a horse out of straw and other plants. Everyone will be able to bring home a warm, meadow-scented handmade piece of work.

The workshop will take place on October 1 at 5.30 p. m.

Age: 6+
Price: 6 Eur

The number of participants is limited, so registration is required.

ETHNO Children is a place for children from 6 years old and their parents, who are welcome to gather together and to spend their afternoons in a curious way. The workshops aim to represent the ethnic culture and to find the beauty of it in our nowadays lives.