European Artistic Crafts Days: Lithuanian "straw gardens" and candle making


Join the European Artistic Crafts Days in Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre on April 5th at 17.00! We offer to participate in the following workshops:

Lithuanian "straw gardens" and candle making.

A straw garden is like a small version of the world, the creation of which requires a lot of patience and accuracy. The whole process of creating a straw garden helps to calm one’s mind, has a meditative character and develops spatial logic.
To learn the art of straw gardens by oneself is quite difficult – the easiest way to do so is by learning from the professionals. Join the practical seminar about Lithuanian "straw gardens" and learn to make one.


During the candle casting workshop, participants will be introduced to bee products and will find out how people used to cast candles in the past. Moreover, they will try candle casting themselves by making natural beeswax candle.

Duration of the workshops: 1,5 hours
Age: 14+

Both workshops are for free. However, REGISTRATION is required.
More information: Sandra Daugirdienė, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +370 5 279 1287 or