About Us

Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre aims to preserve and develop traditional culture in Vilnius city and thus, focuses its activities on three different levels: coordination of cultural events, workshops and publishing.

The Centre was established in 1992 by Vilnius City Municipality Council. Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre is an autonomous budgetary institution of ethnic culture and education financed by Vilnius City Municipality.


In order to spread the ethnic culture in Vilnius, we are:

  • Coordinating traditional culture activities in Vilnius City;
  • Analyzing the development of ethnic culture and opportunities of its promotion;
  • Organising festivals and preparing projects, educational and other events aiming at continuity and succession of ethnic culture traditions;
  • Promoting old cultural traditions, encouraging succession of ethnic culture symbols as well as their contemporary forms of expression;
    Cooperating with other city institutions functioning in the field of ethnic culture;
  • Organising seminars, conferences, and various trainings on relevant issues of ethnic culture;
    Cooperating with educational institutions in preparing joint educational programmes.

Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre also organizes the annual International Folklore Festival "Skamba skamba kankliai", as well as other events, like Shrovetide (Mardy grass), Equinox celebrations, children concerts and singing contests and much more.

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