Concert "Vidury lauko grūšelė"

Grel Tik fonasVilnius Ethnic Culture Centre invites everyone to the annual concert “Vidury lauko grūšelė” to thank all our friends and to celebrate the end of another great year, full of events and nice memories.

This year's festive concert will feature creative folklore band “Sedula” presenting their new musical program “A Swirl in the Middle of the Lake”. Its content is a woman's life from birth to death which is equated with a constant flow of water.

The sacred world of the waters is very important in a woman's worldview. It's not just a body of water that is named in the songs as a spring, river, lake, dunes, seas, lagoon, but it's also other forms of water: rain, dew, mist, even the tears of a woman and the waters of her womb. Water indicates the direction of life, evokes happiness or distress, separates and connects. A girl goes to another family by bridge, the dead travel to the otherworld by water and live beyond the water. The songs combine the flow of the Sun, the flow of water, the flow of the bride as a cyclical but unidirectional action without the possibility of a return.

The creative folklore band “Sedula” is a group of seven women united by a love for traditional folk songs. Since 1994, the collective, led by archaeologist Daiva Steponavičienė, performs the "feminine" folklore of all Lithuanian regions, which forms the largest part of the singing folklore heritage.

This small ensemble, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is quite well-known in the folklore world: they are characterized by the sound of voices, softness of timbres, wide range and unique singing manner. “Sedula” focuses on vocal music and its interpretation, but often uses traditional instruments during performances as well.

The concert will take place on December 15 at 3 pm in Vilnius Town Hall. Entrance is free.

The poster of the event uses a fragment of a paper-cut picture “In Stream” which was created by Alina Yoffe-Pikovsky.