The Canticles' Evening will present the tradition of "kantička"

Ansamblis „Bromos“We invite you to commemorate the Octave of All Saints with the sounds of the old-time Lithuanian hymns – "kantičkos" – sung by the traditional chants ensemble "Bromos". The Canticles' Evening will take place on 4 November after the Holy Mass at 18.30 at the All Saints' Church in Vilnius.

"Bromos" is a group of young people who have come together to deepen the knowledge of "kantička" tradition and explore the practices of folk piety. The group was founded a year ago, but its roots go back to the gatherings of like-minded people who were looking for an alternative to choral singing or praise groups, which started 5-6 years ago. The singers are students, participants of youth folklore groups who have come to Vilnius from various parts of Lithuania. They are people who love ethnic culture and, alongside secular folklore, are eager to get to know the Catholic cultural heritage. The leader of the ensemble is Matas Macevičius, a historian, a Master's student of Art Theory (specialisation in Ethnomusicology) at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.
The participants of "Bromos" learn to sing "kantičkos" by listening to archival recordings, comparing versions of the texts, studying the meanings of the texts, their ancient vocabulary and manner of performance. In just over a year of activity, "Bromos" has already gone on a folklore expedition, taken part in the folk singing seminar "Giedu giesmelę" in Telšiai, and served at Holy Masses.
The repertoire for the Canticles' Evening will consist of "kantičkos", brought back from the ensemble's expedition to the Puńsk and Sejny regions in August 2022. In this region of Poland, heavily populated by Lithuanians, the tradition of chanting from the old prayer halls is very strong. Formerly widespread throughout Lithuania, but now much deteriorated, it has been preserved in the Puńsk and Sejny region and survived to this day. The chants, collected by the participants of "Bromos" during the expedition in Żegary, Widugiery and Pełele villages, will return to Lithuania and will be heard during the Canticles' Evening.
The event will be photographed and filmed.