Let's sing longing. Songs for the spirits

DSCF6785According to the old Lithuanian worldview, spirits - the souls of relatives who have left us - always live here, among us. Late fall was considered the time of the spirits when those who are gone get closer to the living. Although the dead were not only remembered between October and November, they were the focus of attention at that time, when the fieldwork is done, the days are shortened and all the nature is no longer alive.

On November 27th at 6:00 pm you are welcome to come to Vilnius Ethnic Culture Center where we will quietly sing Lithuanian folk songs for those who are no longer among us. Mostly these are orphan songs that tell about the care and love of parents when they were alive. These songs are filled with longing, asking questions, expressing sadness that the answers to them can no longer be heard. Sometimes, however, a miracle occurs and the mother's voice begins to speak, advise, and teach.

Singing out your feelings with others works very positively - it's like releasing your emotions and calming down. Therefore, in the past, singing and chanting had a particularly important social function - to form a community and to help each other through life's various transformations: birth, wedding, funeral.

The song evening will be hosted by Eglė Česnakavičiūtė, coordinator and organiser of cultural activities.

The number of participants is limited, so please fill in the registration form

Participation is free of charge.