ETNO Thursday. Plant Dyeing

augalinis daA colorful acquaintance with the history of natural dyeing is coming up on the 16th of May at 6 p.m. During the lecture given by Lukas Tomaševičius You will get familiar with a mysterious process of dyeing, subtle details of this technology and you will have an opportunity to try dyeing with real indigo plant. 


Natural pigments include a great variety of colors: from rich and lush ones to thousands of subtle tones. Plant dyeing has been developing for millenniums and has gained great interest in today’s fast moving world, where environmental problems are of high importance. This unique tradition revives among those reaching for harmonious life, modern artists and designers.

Lukas Tomaševičius is a designer and textile artist whose work combines minimalist forms, plant fibers and natural pigments. After experiencing the work in the textile sector and having realized the industrial pollution, he started fostering environmentally friendly ideas in his work. 

More works of Lukas Tomaševičius HERE.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: 6 Euros

The lecture will be given in Lithuanian language, but in case You have any questions, there will be a possibility to get some information in English.

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