ETHNO Thursday. Spindle spinning

received 10155621663839895On November 21st at 6 pm you are welcome to the ETHNO Thursday’s workshop.

In the not-so-deep antiquity, in November, when harvesting work is already done and it gets dark early, women in the villages spent long nights doing various handicrafts. Spinning, weaving and knitting were the activities of every evening, accompanied by songs. This time ETHNO Thursday is dedicated to spinning, a craft that is rarely practised nowadays.

During the workshop, participants will learn about the different fibres used (wool, linen, nettle, hemp, silk, splint) and the tools used for spinning. You will also learn to spin with spindle – one of the oldest spinning tools, test the properties of linen and wool and make textured yarns for a variety of needlework.

The workshop will be led by Virginija Rimkutė, who is an archaeologist, art historian, certified traditional craftsman and a member of the club "Dvaro meistrai".

Price of the workshop: 9 euros (materials and tools are included)

The number of participants is limited, so please fill in the registration form.

"ETHNO Thursday" is a series of workshops dedicated to promoting the knowledge and continuity of traditions and showing the diversity of traditional culture, its application and interpretation. It is an opportunity for people of all ages and professions to discover ethnic culture at different "ETHNO Thursday" events.