ETHNO Thursday. Shrovetide Masks Workshop

3x2 Etno4 Kaukių dirbtuvėsOn February 20 at 6 p.m. we invite you to ETHNO Thursday, this time to prepare for the most theatrical celebration of the year and make its main attribute - the Shrovetide mask.

People have always been responsibly preparing for Shrovetide, because in this fun feast it is necessary to stand out for your uniqueness, to embody a spooky or funny character and to hide your face under the mask so that no one recognizes you.

Lithuanians used to make Mardi Gras masks out of wood, but due to the long production process, other methods and means of production became increasingly popular over time: fur, paper, cardboard and other materials.

During the workshop, participants will use a papier-mâché technique on custom-made mules for a character of their choice (devil, horse, bear, goat, etc.). After this process, the masks are left to dry. They will be available for pick-up on February 24 and then they can be self-decorated using paint or other implements.


Duration of the workshop: 2 hours
Price: 8 euros

The number of participants is limited, so registration is required.

 "ETHNO Thursday" is a series of workshops dedicated to promoting the knowledge and continuity of traditions and showing the diversity of traditional culture, its application and interpretation. It is an opportunity for people of all ages and professions to discover ethnic culture at different "ETHNO Thursday" events.