ETHNO Thursday. Incense making

smilkalai 3x2Starting the new season, ETHNO Thursdays return to the Vilnius Ethnic Culture Center. It is a cycle of events dedicated to get to know ethnic culture during various lectures, workshops, and other activities. This time we invite you to get acquainted with the production of Lithuanian incense!

In Lithuania, incense has long been considered the most effective remedy of aromatherapy to protect against various diseases. They were made from herbs, scented resins, pieces of wood, herbs, roots, bark, seeds, flowers. Amber, juniper, wormwood, St. John's wort, and sweet flag are most often used in Lithuanian incense.

Vilma Norvilytė and Emilija Kvieskaitė, who will teach the subtleties of the incense production process, are the founders of the studio "Between Moss". They have been engaged in herbalism for more than 10 years and are interested in the effects of incense Lithuanian herbs on the human body and soul. During the workshop, they will share the ancestral wisdom about plants that protect against disease, balance emotions, and the physical body.

During the event, we will discuss the types of incense, prepare the materials needed for the work: we will mix the incense mass of the required consistency, and then we will produce natural cone-shaped incense, which can be burned simply by placing it on a plate or tray, and incense sticks.

The first ETHNO Thursday of this autumn will take place on September 24 at 6 p. m.

The price of the workshop is 8 euros.
The number of participants is limited, so registration is required.

"ETHNO Thursday" is a series of workshops dedicated to promoting the knowledge and continuity of traditions and showing the diversity of traditional culture, its application and interpretation. It is an opportunity for people of all ages and professions to discover ethnic culture at different "ETHNO Thursday" events.