Herb Market 2019!

June 16th from 10:00 to 21.00 in Gediminas Avenue the "Herb Market” will be held! WY5A1688

The Herb Market is an old tradition in Vilnius which was reanimated in 2007. The Market takes place on the last weekend before Saint John’s festival (Rasos or Joninės). The market gathers annually more than 100 herbalists who offer their products and educate the society about the old tradition of natural medicine.

Saint John’s day is the day when herbs have their best qualities, therefore the Herb Market is a perfect place to prepare for it and to enjoy the power of nature, as well as its relation to the traditional culture.


This year, Herb Market visitors will be able not only to buy various herbs or other organic products. They are also welcomed to the concert of traditional and neo-folklore groups, various workshops. There will be an opportunity to make natural beeswax candles, to weave a flower crown, to make and to taste a traditional Lithuanian sauce - kastinys, to sew a rag doll, to make a book or even to learn how to walk with stilts!

In the fair, next to the euros, there will also be a special market currency. Market costumers will receive it when buying in the market. In the evening, at 6 pm, an auction of mysterious items will be held, which will allow you to spend your “money”.

In the evening, participants of the fair will look for a "fern blossom", the one who finds it will receive a gift.

We invite not only those who are interested in herbs, but also everyone who wants to have fun!


10:00 Opening of the Herb Market at the gates.

11:30–20:00 Future predictions with cards and other magic tools.

12:00 An hour for children.

13:00 Lecture “Herbs - Food and Medicine”, lecture by Marius Lasinskas.

13:00–17:00 Workshops at Vincas Kudirka Square: candle casting, book bindings and decoration with Baltic signs, flower crown weaving, making the rag doll, traditional Lithuanian meal – kastinys production, walking with stilts and other activities!

14:00 Post folk group “Rugiaveidė ir šeima”.

15:00 Singing Jewelers: Karolina Buivydaitė, Deividas Zaikovskis and Domas Burnickis.

15.15 Folk group "Smetonos ūsai".

16.15 Independent musicians: Daumantas Čepulis, Matas Bodrije, Marius Mockevičius.

17:00 Neo-folk group “Rana”.

18:00 AUCTION. Searching the fern blossom.

18.30 Folklore group "Griežikai".

19:00 Saulius Spindi and Nika Ganga. Project “Vai tu girala”.