Laumių dovanos. Autumn Equinox 2022

Laumių dovanos 900x600On September 22, the Autumn Equinox will mark the beginning of the astronomical autumn. Saying goodbye to the warm season and meeting the dark period of the year, this junction in Vilnius will be commemorated at 20 p. m. on the Neris embankment near the King Mindaugas Bridge with fire and music rites and FAIRIES' GIFTS.

Fairy (Lit. “laumė”) is one of the most important and prominent Lithuanian mythological creatures, the goddess of heaven and earth, who actively participates in human life. It can help, reward, but it can also punish or change a person's destiny. Therefore, in order to live in harmony with the fairies, every autumn people carried and drowned a bundle of all kinds of grain in the water in the places where the fairies used to launder. They thanked for this with various gifts: sashes, mittens, cloth rolls, and other household items.

As the autumn equinox approaches, passers-by will be greeted by fairies and their gifts on the embankment of Neris, which, when the event begins, will reveal the relationships, beliefs, and values of people and fairies. During the celebration, fire patterns accompanied by musical compositions, video projections, and modern dance will spread out on the embankment, intertwining into a mysterious event.

Participants of the event: VU Kinetic Theatre Troupe, “Viduramžiai LT” faquir troupe, Vilnius schoolchildren.
Authors of sculptures: Rytas Jonas Belevičius and Rūta Ona Čigriejūtė.
The author and reciter of poetry: Vladas Braziūnas.
Voiceover of fairy tales: Aldona Vilutytė.
Creators of video projections: IronCat.
The project is funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.
The event is organized by Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre and Vilnius City Municipality.