Shrove Tuesday | The Wedding of Morė

Užgavėnės 900x60021 February at 16.30 Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre is hosting the traditional Shrove Tuesday festival. This year, it will invite you to a romantic wedding of Morė and the escort of the bride to her post-wedding journey!

Morė is a huge doll, traditionally made for the Shrovetide to be destroyed in the culmination of the feast as a symbol of winter and evil powers. Typical ritual is the burning of Morė, yet this year the residents and guests of Vilnius will have a different ritual to bid farewell to Morė.

This year the masquerade will take place in several locations in Vilnius - the whole wedding party will take the bride Morė for a ride around the city, accompanied with sounds of traditional music. At each stop Morė's status will gradually change as she searches for the right groom and moves from being a single ghost to a married woman. Two traditional characters – Lašininis and Kanapinis – will be competing for her heart, but will either of them succeed in winning Morė's heart?

The ride of Morė is one of the most interesting and notable traditions of the Shrove Tuesday. Accompanied by noisy, musical masked figures, the ride of Morė awakens the sleeping nature.

A trio of traditional musicians - Daumantas Čepulis, Kotryna Jonušaitė and Marius Mockevičius - will play at the celebration.

The programme of the Morė's Wedding:

4.30 p.m. | V. Kudirka Square
Dance duel between the grooms Kanapinis and Lašininis, both reaching for the heart of Morė.

Morė and all the participants make their way along Gediminas Avenue.

5.00 p.m. | Odminių Square
A duel of love poetry between Kanapinis and Lašininis.

Morė and the participants of celebration cross the Cathedral Square and go along
Pilies Street.

5.40 p.m. | Town Hall Square
Meeting of the groups of Morė and Gavėnas, the marriage of the newlyweds.

6.10 p.m.
The fun continues with Lietuvos Jaunimo Ramuva.

The event will be photographed and filmed, and the footage will be made public.