ETHNO Children. Candle making

vaks svetaineiCandle making is a traditional handicraft which used to be made by women and children during long winter evenings in the old times. Candles used to be an important and significant source of light. During the candle making workshop, you will learn how to make a candle from bee’s wax in a traditional Lithuanian way.

Children and their parents will learn about the customs and traditions of candle making.

The number of participants is limited so registration is required.

Date and time – November 29, 2019, at 5 pm
Duration of the workshop – 1h 30 min
Price – 6 €
Age – 6 and older
Where – Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre (address: Pamėnkalnio st. 34, Vilnius)

 "ETHNO Children" is a place for children from 6 years old and their parents, who are welcome to gather together and to spend their afternoons in a curious way. The workshops aim to represent the ethnic culture and to find the beauty of it in our nowadays lives.