Shrovetide Greeting And Escort of Icy Lady Morė

paveiksliuksOn February 25, after an arbitrary holiday in the North Pole, we will meet Lady Morė, and, in accordance with the Criminal Code of the Shrovetide nation, will decide her fate further by prosecuting her for shameful and sneaky betrayal and negligence.

There will be a fair for participants and spectators, dedicated to the hungry and thirsty and wanting to decorate their homes or themselves with works of folk artists.

Those who come with national costumes of the Shrovetide nation will be able to ride the skating rink in Lukiškės Square for free!

The Shrovetide Fair in Lukiškės Square will be open from 11 a.m.
From 6 p.m. there will be Morė‘s trial, Shrovetide dances, songs and other fun together with "Ratilio" and "Jorė" ensembles. We will also meet Lašininis and Kanapinis, who are very important characters on the Shrovetide celebration as well.
From 11 a.m. you will be able to see how Icy Lady Morė is being prepared for a court hearing by ice surgeons.
Let's have fun at the funniest traditional celebration of the year!