Ancestral Symbols in Traditional Textiles: Lace, Eyelets, Nets

svetainei 3x2We invite you to the exhibition "Ancestral Symbols in Traditional Textiles. Lace. Eyelets. Nets", which opens on July 3 at 5 p. m. at the Tamošaičiai Gallery "Židinys" (Domininkonų str. 15/1).

This is the second exhibition of the ongoing project dedicated to the Year of Folk Art, organized by Vilnius Ethnic Culture Center and the Community of Vilnius Region Folk Artists-Art Creators.

This exhibition presents the works of three folk artists: Aušra Banuškevičiūtė, Lilija Simonavičiūtė and Janina Vasiliauskienė. The exhibition features 65 works, the subtlety of which fascinates and at the same time makes you think about the adoption, continuation and application of traditions in modern life. Nowadays, interiors and their fabrics are less and less decorated with lace - this was due to the changed fashion, values, fast pace of life, which does not leave time to "meditate" with a crochet in our hands.

The exhibition will run until July 31. It is open during the gallery's opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 12 p. m. to 6 p. m.