ETHNO Thursday. Straw Basket Plaiting

3x2 20190906 141814This month, ETNO Thursday is dedicated to getting acquainted with the craft of basket plaiting and will take place on October 22 at 6 p. m.

Straw baskets were known as plaited vessels for holding grain, sowing, or measuring the amount of grain. During this workshop, you will learn another archaic weaving technique: weaving from braids. Such baskets were plaited in the Middle Ages for various household matters (even for building). In Lithuanian tradition, this type of weaving survived in the production of straw hats until nowadays. This is how winter shoes were woven in Belarus too. During the workshop, you will not only plait a basket or plate from straw but also get acquainted with other old basket weaving techniques, materials, tools.

The workshop will be led by Virginija Rimkutė who is an archaeologist, art historian, certified traditional craftsman, and a member of a club called "Dvaro Meistrai" (“Manor Masters").

Duration of the workshop: 2 - 2.5 hours.
Price: 8 euros (the materials and tools are included)

The number of participants is limited, so registration is required.

"ETHNO Thursday" is a series of workshops dedicated to promoting the knowledge and continuity of traditions and showing the diversity of traditional culture, its application, and interpretation. It is an opportunity for people of all ages and professions to discover ethnic culture at different "ETHNO Thursday" events.