Herb Market

The Herb Market is an old tradition in Vilnius which was reanimated in 2007. The Market takes place on the last weekend before Saint John’s festival (Rasos or Joninės).

The Herb Market gathers annually more than 100 herbalists who offer their products and educate the society about the old tradition of natural medicine.

Saint John’s day is the day when herbs have their best qualities so the Herb Market is a perfect place to prepare for it and to enjoy the power of nature, as well as its relation to the traditional culture.

Let's sing longing. Songs for the spirits

DSCF6785According to the old Lithuanian worldview, spirits - the souls of relatives who have left us - always live here, among us. Late fall was considered the time of the spirits when those who are gone get closer to the living. Although the dead were not only remembered between October and November, they were the focus of attention at that time, when the fieldwork is done, the days are shortened and all the nature is no longer alive.

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All Souls‘ Day Event

Every year before All Souls' Day, Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre invites Vilnius schoolchildren and active citizens to gather together and to take care of forgotten graves at Vilnius Karveliškės Cemetery. This event encourages to remember all those who have already passed away and rsz dsc 0034thus, to light up a candle for them.
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Ethnic Culture Week

Vainikai zaisliukai 35In the run-up to Christmas, Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre hosts the "Ethnic Culture Week", which will offer a variety of open activities for children and adults. During that week participants will have the opportunity to attend traditional craft workshops, singing classes and other activities specific to the Advent period.

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