More's Shrovetide party We cordially invite both those longing for the spring and the ones, who love winter entertainment, to join a colourful and joyful traditional Lithuanian calendar celebration – The Shrovetide. This year the feast is to be held on the 5th of March and is going to take place on the Tauras Hill.

The Shrovetide is a traditional Lithuanian carnival, which is meant to scary and shoo away the winter. This playful feast is celebrated by a variety of differently masked people, representing various figures: bears, goats, witches, devils, cranes, doctors, etc. The essential characters are Lašininis (the porky) and Kanapinis (the hemp man), who have the fight during the celebration.

At a time of the feast on Tauras Hill, the winter is about to get really frightened as there are going to be a lot of loud traditional Lithuanian songs, funny jokes, ear-splitting music, energetic dances and cheerful games both for children and adults. Since the participants are going to need a lot of energy, a hot porridge, herbal tea and tasty pancakes will really make their mouths water. The celebration will culminate with lighting up the More – a huge doll, which represents the juncture between winter and spring.

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