Each year we celebrate Autumn Equinox, emphasizing the end of the warm season and the transition to the cold one. It is a well-known custom since the ancient times to offer deities at this time of year for a ripe harvest, emphasizing the importance of boundaries between different climatic conditions.

Autumn Equinox starts the new period of time when according Lithuanian traditional culture the world of the dead gets closer to people, and the time of being calm, concentrated and rested starts. The fire, symbolically burning on the mountains, descends and returns to the fireplace of the home, where it will be sheltered until the equinox of spring - the return of the warm season. From the Autumn Equinox people turn back to their inner world, the wisdom of their ancestors, their relations to the manifestations of the higher and deeper realms.

The equinox takes place every year on September 20-22, when the day equates to night. During this period, a great number of carnivals, dances, and eye-catching spectacles is happening around the world. It is accompanied by fireworks, natural fire shows, and autumn goods’ fairs.

This year the celebration of Autumn Equinox will take place on 20th of September, 8 PM. A visual one-hour event will gather spectators in the center of Vilnius on the embankment of Neris river near King Mindaugas’ Bridge. The mystery is going to happen - a dialogue of fire and time, which gives a meaning for the fading Sun's farewell into the darkness and resting period. We will thank the Sun for her gifts of light, warmth and harvest by burning special Sun sculptures. The idea of the event will be unfolded in three actions, at the multidimensional Neris river space. Baltic mythological signs made of candles will be lighted up on

the embankment, three scenes of fire will be accompanied by burning sculptures, and the AIROS dance theatre performance in the water scene will intensify the fire.

Musical improvisations will be performed live by Gediminas Žilys, featured stories will be read by actor Saulius Bareikis.

Partner Ugnis ir kaukė

The event is free of charge. We invite all the citizens and the guests of Vilnius to come and enjoy.

The event is funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture.