Ceramics Workshops

ETNO12 09 74bCeramics Workshops, which have attracted a lot of interest lately, will be held at our Center again!

Attention! Currently, due to the pandemic, workshops are not taking place.

Ceramics is not only one of the oldest crafts and art forms, but it is also a soothing, creative and enjoyable process with clay. With its plasticity, this earth-extracted material allows you to create "something" out of "nothing" - this is how pottery is created, from everyday household items to artworks.

On Friday evenings, we invite you to ceramics workshops where you will learn about various techniques of this craft and get down to clay. The workshop cycle consists of two sessions: one for molding and another one for finishing the work by glazing it. After the workshop, the pottery is left to dry and fired, so the final result appears after a few days.

The price is 5 Eur per time. Participants are registered for both classes, which cost 16 Eur. 

Registration is required for participation.